Month: June 2017

Data driven restaurants and food

What if I told you that we can increase your restaurant bookings by 100%

Yes you read correct. We are very data driven and also passionate for all things food and wine. We optimize your landing page, optin page and start tracking data from all over your site including demographics like where people are visiting from, their age and status

We have worked with many many restaurant owners, coffee shops and take away food malls, lets make this year the best year for your restaurant in terms of sales and conversions. We want to move your bottom line

Social media remarketing is an optimal tool for small business owners. Keen – social media management.┬áCustomer visits your site > he leaves > they go to Facebook > they will see you relevant ad. This can be done by installing a pixel sitewide or on a particular page.

We also test the price of your dishes and special offers like fish or meat. More coming on this page very soon. O by the way my favourite food recipes are does a good job in remarketing their clients. This is how it works.

1 BBQ ribs
2 Pizza
3 Pasta carbonara